A Stranger’s heart cannot sell My Soul

My beginning, running in with the horses, many new friends and even more faces, learning a handshake, how to get kicked, how to avoid getting kicked, breaking in a Horse, and the Horse equally breaking me, working hard, fertilizer burgers, jumping off the beam, the broken down barn, dirtbikes, beaten up trucks, the white shark (Fran Brethour), watermelon, swiss chalet chicken, 2am horses are out calls, becoming more than a girl and always finding my voice.

A man, who we chose partnership with a few years ago, a %51 to %49 split, has decided that all of these memories, movements, emotional growth, falling in love with an animal that still holds untouchable wisdom and Divine magic, learning understanding and difference with the diverse customers that would come to ride which gave them courage, excitement and the ability to overcome fear, has decided that a just a few of these things that I have mentioned, is worth nothing more than an amount that cannot even line a pocket to ease personal angst.

One thing that I have learned is that there is no cost that could come even close to amount to the riches and eternal knowledge that has given me the ability to love who I am because of who I was and everything in between that occured that bestowed the Grace upon me to grow.

So Sir, without naming you as I don’t believe you deserve one, I cannot direct a comment to an entity without a heart, and it is in the Heart that you gain the Courage, Love and Truth to walk in your given name. You can sell this beautiful land that has given the World a place to be oneself, and if not find oneself, but while transaction takes place, and the memories with the land will stay with it, the Power of each person’s heart who found confident, a confidente, an ability to laugh, and a healing hold when the cry- these are the things that will carry on, the Legacy is not in the Location, it is in the Flight your Soul has gained by choosing to challenge oneself, Love oneself and Grow. So to everyone who has ever visited the Ranch and had laughter brought to your lips, confidence in being a cowboy, and the peace of mind and Soul because the end of the day is wholly good, this is my Legacy I can share with you all.

Love for all time,


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Moving Forward

Facebook reminded me of a post I made some time ago, and I want to share it as my blog this morning because the physical world is something we have to live in, and sometimes struggle with on a daily basis. And even if it isn’t a struggle, are you gaining insight for your Divine Purpose, and unconditional awareness and love for others, every moment possible?

This has challenged me this morning to recognize where I need to give in, and decide to give up, so that I can move ahead, and live my Life with it’s Chosen meaning. Happy hump day!

Anything that is disconcerting or causing you confusion, leaving you in a place of Self doubt and emotional loss, remember your Truth. Your actions and intentions will prevail you, and this is most important for personal reflection. Your Spirit is liberated through It’s ability to walk in a transparent existence. An existence where accountability holds no shame or self condemnation, and this isn’t because you are perfect.

This reality can only be achieved by recognizing our imperfections and choosing to learn, release and apply our new perception to our every day environment.We will always be surrounded by one another, even if we were to move to a deserted Island with the Ocean and stars as our only companions, we would still be affected by the people we once knew, the World we once lived in.

So strive to know the difference between personal interaction and the judgement of the ignoramus. It is only the individuals who will choose to seek their own Soul, and share their entirety that will be able to see the Splendor and Beauty of the Light that shines so Deep and Pure inside of the Creation and Essence of You.

We can only be in one place or the other, and our motivations and desires will align us to the level of human intimacy that we truly seek.

Share it, don’t spare it ūüėČ



A Wednesday Morning

Slightly different than my other blogs, this is a much needed purge to send out to the Universe, so that it may become something transformed into positive energy. We are always going to be compared to others, especially when change arises, and the ideal that was once a comfort, is replaced by a new and unknown component to the existance of those that have depended upon personal perception that creates their chosen reality. Remember to never live by a standard of what you’re not, but by the internal refelction of who you are and inspire to become. And when the time comes that these individuals realize that your character is unshaken, you can embrace them for everything that they are, and widen the road from a single pair of feet, to a path for the masses…


The Longest 2 Weeks of My Life

This title could account for so many different things for¬†a multitude of people, but for me this is the first two weeks in my adult Life that I will be away from my children consecultively.I found myself lucky when I began sharing time with their Father, as he never seemed to extend his scheduled time with his vacation time. I would always have the Joy and Luxury of having my sidekicks right beside me ,until it was visiting time again. As a parent it would be selfish of me to constantly have them without the visitation to their Father’s, and whomever he chooses to call as Family. And each time my heart will stop for a moment if their excitement causes them to forget to say goodbye, or their sendoff is anything but heartfelt. And then I remind myself that their Father love’s and misses them too.

Gratefully I took a short course that reminded me of the simplicity in a childs joy, from having a toy at the other parents home that isn’t at my own, or that supper may be more palatable than the necessary protein, veggies, carbs and dairy that I am forever trying to balance.

This blog is short, not because it is too complicated, but because there aren’t words to describe how much I love and miss my little ones. You see, they have changed my Life, the grass IS greener, the Sun is Magnificent, and for my daughter, you don’t step on ants, you watch how they’re working, and each one of them deserves its own name. The wind is refreshing and the swings are Earth’s greatest thrill, and for my son, the last dime in your pocket should go to those who haven’t a penny left to believe in.

I miss you Ny and Ryds, have fun at Daddy’s, and Mommy’s arms are already open, waiting for the moment I see those beautiful smiles. And I need you both to always know-that your Life has given me the inspiration to become everything I can possibly be and more-just so you’re proud to call me your Mom.




A Child’s Point of View

Its an interesting title, reading it, one wouldn’t be sure of the direction that the article could take, so let me drop the mystery and jump right in. Any parent has to know that they aren’t perfect, but we should always do our best to guide and nurture and instill positive and optimistic perception to our children that are to lead the future. Those little ears and little eyes are much greater in absorption that we give them credit for, and if you question that, think back to when you were ‘ knee high to a grasshopper’.

I personally grew up with a variation of messages, this is because of a split Family situation where there wasn’t much communication between my parents after they had separated. My Mom always wanted us to be focused and believe in who we are, and my Dad always wanted us to believe that limitation is a word for people who are stuck on the physical. With my Mother being our main supporter and our Father being our beloved Jekyll and Hyde, we had learned at a young age why diversity in Life is a natural progression in change. The only thing that could or would keep you on any type of plateau is yourself.

You see, I believe that my Faith can move Mountains, I belive that if I recognize a void in my Life, that personal hard work and self-love can help me heal. I believe that communication is essential for growth and understanding, even to just obtain a meeting of the minds or even agree to disagree. And in every area, I am open to correction and excited to implement change. One of the Greatest things that my parents and Faith has given me is the ability to reject fear.

Fear is an entity within itself that needs the focus and obsession to feed its purpose and create its importance strength.

Fear to remain in the same space you are loathing or insecure in, rather than fear a place you are running towards, rather than convincing yourself you are running from. To be sure of the difference between the two? Tie up your loose ends before leaving so that there is nothing to punish yourself over in your thoughts, where nobody else can help encourage and support you.

All of these things I have written about, I  have tried to implement to my children, we are a split Family and I share them with their Father, but I have Faith that my two Angels will embrace the things that only my Spirit can teach them, and function in Grace, Understanding and Unconditional Love.

Although I was only a child, and had some intense occurrences, my Mother instilled that the best person for me to emulate or believe in was me, and my Father taught me that any limitation that seemed to be disengaging me from my Journey, was only a thought away from becoming a help aide.

Not only our are children the future, more importantly they are our present. Embrace who they are and celebrate their Life. Over-involve yourself with discussions, playing cards, going for walks  and dancing in your livingroom. You never know, one of these actions can help take away an adults guilt that would contradict that they have done nothing right.




‘A Swiftly Tilting Planet’

Although the title of this blog is from one of my favorite books as a child, there was no other title more suitable to describe my following blog. Change can be beautiful as well as transformational, but if we haven’t a clue of the Pillar inside, change can be taken as something to fear and not a tool for growth. Each and every one of us have to choose to see the World as it really is so that we can be a role model and stronghold for our children.

With such devastation I have been watching documentaries about Heroin addiction, a tsunami of toxcicity that flows through the veins of any and every person that doesn’t say ‘ No ‘, even if its just once. It only takes one taste that you allow into your body to grip you in its severity- as our bodies have a threshhold, but the drug will never hold any prejudice, opinon, judgement or complaint to its next consumer or victim. And ¬†always different from the first experience, the next time you’ll want more. I have been watching a series of programs that are from different Countries, social groups and fiscal classes, ages, cultures and ideologies, and with opiates, death seems to be imminent.
In North America there are children being given opiate based pills at the age of 9, that can begin a Journey of pain, suffering and despair. In other Countries children reguarly and openly use Heroin on a daily basis. Born into poverty, they don’t believe that Life can be any different and begin medicating at the age of 8.
We are in fast times, emotional and impulse decisions are leading today’s younger generation and if we don’t allow them to be who they are, and negate to teach them of self-love and awareness of others, this already astounding epidemic will seize our children’s very vitality.
In my generation, we had the ‘ just say no to drugs’ campaign, I remember the point of why I should say no, ¬†but my reasoning for not involving myself with substance was based on who I knew I was to be, and the lifestyle I DIDN’T want to Live.I am astounded to see what a chemical can do to the mind, and the false sense of Promise that it will bring.
We need to teach our children to ‘ Say No ‘, but most importantly they need to know why. You have to tell them that they won’t want to play at the park, and that they would choose crying over laughing. As their parents we need to cultivate and nurture their individuality, so that when they are faced with a decision that could alter their Lives, the very simplicity of knowing and loving who they are, ¬†were born to be, will protect them from a choice that WOULD take them away from their friends, heir Loved ones and themselves.
Knowledge is power, and ignorance is selective. Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually, we have to choose at each fork in the road.Love your children enough not to choose for them, but reinforce their individuality and personal awareness, so that they will choose what is healthy for them , and we will begin to empower a younger generation for a brighter future.

No Such Thing As Little Things

I haven’t perfected Life, and for that I am grateful. The more you think that you may have perfected, the less you can learn about what’s to come, and the fact that we have been given free will to progress forward throughout this Journey, is our given Grace and Understanding that there may be a few unplanned stops along the way.

I work in a Spiritual field, as well, I am a practicing Life Coach. In my first field, I seek information from a Divine place as well as from my Spirit Guides and other’s Guides, to gain information that can progress my client’s understanding and need for Clarity. I recently had an extremely humbling and enlightening experience while beginning a session with an individual, which ended up being a test to see if I would stick to the Truth of my beliefs as well as not compromising the need that I was to portray to their unhappiness, and not to my favor.

Individual’s in my field have MANY different ways to connect to the Spiritual side in Life, not one way is more than right than the other, as long as your Advisor seeks from the Divine and of Light, you’re bound to leave a happy customer! On this day, I learned what was the most important thing in the Human Spirit, and as much as my Humanity was screaming to just satisfy the individual, my Heart became too heavy to mislead any one person in their Journey.

It isn’t a coincidence that there is a Spiritual Trinity that aligns in our physical environment that we all have a Past, Present and Future. Every single thing we experience in our Lives is an ESSENTIAL lesson, our Past must be resolved with our Present so that we can embrace and own our Future! If our Past is unresolved, our Present will be unsettled as well, it will not be the reality you believe you live in. Many times, with individuals who have not resolved their past, who function in layered walls and distorted reflections in their Present, will often go to people who work in Spiritual Fields to tell them something wonderful or hopeful about their future. The sad part about this, is that an unsettled Spirit will never be able to feel TRUE Peace, until the entirety of our Being has accepted, forgiven and embraced each and every moment we have breathed, so that it allows room for more to come.

This is what I realized that I have to stand by, because a person’s sordid pass will not give them Hope for a better future because there is no better future, there is just another event to wait and see if it will happen and go well in its entirety.

When you go to see a Spiritual Advisor, or a Physic or a Medium. Someone who reads cards or tealeaves, energy from a person’s belonging, please know, the clarity of the message will be lost if there has been no resolve and embrace of the Life and the Spirit that you have been given. Regardless of the hand dealt or the players at the table, YOU choose to play YOUR game, and it is these very choices that will aim you for bane or flight.

There is a future for all of us but we have to understand that we were born worthy of having one, and it is such a Joy to be part of the true reveal.