thought this was cool…. stoji ńćovjeki- Croation, in English translation ‘Man Standing’ or in our terms, ‘ The last Man Standing’. This term was from a movie The Bridge of Spies, a new release with Tom Hanks, and it reignited a passion and awareness that I have had my entire Life, and sometimes had difficulty practicing. Stand Strong and Stand Tall, your belief may not be the popular one, but if its popularity you are wanting to serve, than consider your point of vitality taken. We have been born to stake purpose to come together, to bring Honesty to one another’s Lives. We have been born to function in Belief, backed by Faith but also by actions. Do you Love your fellow mankind? It DOES not MATTER if you like them! We are to give one another the Grace, Hope, Support and Understanding that we desire for ourselves, and this is absolutely essential. With these things, regardless of our situation, emotional state or environment, we can always Stand Tall from the passion of our belief and perseverance, but also because of the unseen Family that is guarding our very Heart and Souls


Just a moment…

I have wonderful pictures, as a young child, as a teen, a rebellious, well, teen and 20 something. I have pictures of growing miracles in my stomach, their incredible growth. The joy’s and pains that come with Living. Being on the parental side instead of the intrigued and somewhat fearful child’s side. The emotions and lessons that have come with those captured moments……..suffocated, breathing, laughing, loving, tears,….peace. Your memory is desperate for you to embrace the unique collection of these moments, begin writing them as your Journey, and start to free your Soul. A breathless photo, patiently waiting for your simple recognition. And without the moments that have created this part of your Journey, you’d never even see a glimpse, keep living and you’ll begin to soar. xo


Walking without ground….

We need to have a physical loss in order to have a Spiritual gain. Some may see this as true and other’s will find it overly emphatic, but to me, it is a neccessary awareness that allows me to function in self awareness, Love, Grace, Understanding and Faith. It is important for me to say, that if I didn’t have Faith in a Creator who’s Intention for my Will and Soul to be free of the cages of Humanity, would leave me hopeless, desolate and lost.Test yourself, take everything away that you think you need, take away distraction, any type of entertainment or other forums of Social Media. Place yourself in a space thats quiet and still, and seek to find the answer to the question of whether or not you are well with your Soul. Do you like your own company? How long is it until you become distracted with your thoughts, and the physical need to function?There will always be highs and lows in our lives, the World can be Bi-Polar and our Human form is affected by the rapid cycling of Social movement. The encouraging part to all of this, is that your Spirit has nothing to do with this motion. Your Spirit is the part of you that can be that constant steady, and paired with Free Will while making choices, its unstoppable. Love yourself enough to let go of the issues, past or present, know yourself enough to choose from within and not what is happening around you, and humble yourself enough to know that He who is Greater than all is also Within.