A Couple of Thoughts….

Everyday is a new day for thoughts and motion. The Motion of moving Forward, and the thoughts to keep this action afloat! Every time we are able to sneak in a moment for ourselves, decide at the beginning of each day, which direction your thoughts and feelings allow you to turn. I can guarantee we have never been put here by mistake, and each action/motion will help us towards our brighter future!


2 thoughts on “A Couple of Thoughts….

  1. Lynn Cooper says:

    Hi Jewels,

    I having been taking some courses on how to connect with my angels and guides. I find this so interesting and I am passionate about learning so much more.
    At times I am able to see split second visions/pictures (usually at night when I am relaxed) , I also sense feelings, smell and hearing but not with my ears.
    I am curious as to how you tap in to get answers? I ask questions and sometimes get nothing back. Or maybe I am just missing the subtle answers.
    I wish I could ask a question and have a conversation with them, like on the telephone ☎️.

    Can you give me any advice to improve my ways to channel?
    Lynn Breton

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    • Great to hear! I was 3 when I began hearing and seeing my Guides, and for many different reasons. My greatest links to being part of them? Meditating and journaling, those have been my go to’s when I needed to chat and understand my lessons and words. They really are always here for us, and it mag not be a telephone, but they get through, lol. You are getting where you are understanding, and that is such a great step among many.


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