Please enjoy my Christmas poem, until next year my friends!

‘Twas the day after Christmas, and all through our house, lay wrapping and boxes, and my still snoring Spouse

The stockings were laid in complete disarray,While the children play screaming, each wanting their way

My coffee for breakfast, and cuts on my fingers,gives way to my memory of wrapping and ribbons

I begin to relax and enjoy my surroundings, when anxiety peaks, with an instant dumbfounding’

Christmas is coming’ I think in my head, I need to start shopping, I must get ahead!

With sales and deals and trinkets galore,I rush to the bathroom, then out the front door

I scoop up my choices, in and out like a flashI’m winning the race with this calendar dash

I’ve got you, I thought, a smirk on my face Julia 1, December last place

I get home in good time to just to start lunch, my husband awake and my kids eating brunch

And although I’m ahead for 2020, I can now enjoy Christmas,… know what I mean 😉


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