There will always be Celebration

It was such a wonderful feeling to be able to have all the people that I unconditionally love and admire under one roof at such a magical time of year…Christmas wishes do come true, and the New Year will bring blessings and miracles for all to have…love you all…xoxoxo



Please enjoy my Christmas poem, until next year my friends!

‘Twas the day after Christmas, and all through our house, lay wrapping and boxes, and my still snoring Spouse

The stockings were laid in complete disarray,While the children play screaming, each wanting their way

My coffee for breakfast, and cuts on my fingers,gives way to my memory of wrapping and ribbons

I begin to relax and enjoy my surroundings, when anxiety peaks, with an instant dumbfounding’

Christmas is coming’ I think in my head, I need to start shopping, I must get ahead!

With sales and deals and trinkets galore,I rush to the bathroom, then out the front door

I scoop up my choices, in and out like a flashI’m winning the race with this calendar dash

I’ve got you, I thought, a smirk on my face Julia 1, December last place

I get home in good time to just to start lunch, my husband awake and my kids eating brunch

And although I’m ahead for 2020, I can now enjoy Christmas,… know what I mean 😉


Try these on for size :)

I cannot say another day, another dollar. There isn’t a way that I can buy Peace, when I am in the World, and pass into the other Realm. A sense of Peace and Wellbeing can only come from within. It can only come from loving others as you do yourself, it can only exist in a stretched out hand, that holds everything. Mountainous for eyes that cannot see, and touch that holds nothing barred. When you say ‘ Merry Christmas ‘ ‘ Happy Holiday’s ‘ and so on, say these things with pure and selfless intent. It should be everyday that is Joyous, everyday that is Loving and Everlasting, and it should be every moment that we choose to be Selfless and Whole. Bless you all. Xoxo


Its Almost Christmas

Getting closer to ‘…the baby finger night!…’ That is what my Mom would say, instead of ‘Christmas Eve’. Losing her so quickly a few short years ago was very shocking, and in all Honesty, it still is. We all have our time, we all have our place, but our Humanity will never allow us to have automatic Peace when that ‘time’ comes. Mom, Dad, see you past the stars in a few years to be had, and Merry Christmas everyone. Hug, hold and embrace your Family, friends and all Loved ones. Don’t fear spreading bacteria, instead, look forward to spreading Joy. Xo


A little rustle

Yesterday’s run was a bit windy, no matter which direction I went in, there seemed to be a head wind. I knew that this was my psyche playing with me, but it truly helped with my perception on Life. Whatever choices I make, whichever direction I move in, there will be contrast. I deeply believe that it is so very important, that in our choices, we choose with Pure Intent, Whole Love and Unconditional Understanding. So if the wind begins to blow across our path, making it seem impossible to move forward, push through. Know your purpose and practice your intent for the Present time and the Future that will come.



Every time I wake up a tad early (often enough), I try and see it as Time gained. Perhaps, a moment longer to myself, or the initial breeze outside to start my day. Alas, I’m grumpy, irritable, and as my husband so delicately puts it, ” You’re Mrs. Crabtree”. Mornings definitely aren’t my forte in Life, and I often wonder what is lol…I do desire a better understanding of Time, I do believe it as a Gift, not just a concept. What I choose to do with it, and how, will always be up to me! Right now, at this very moment, I am sharing my thoughts with you 🙂 Enjoy, your day, your way, your perception of Life. Keep your head up and your mind open, for all the things you cannot see.