Trial by Season

The Seasons are always a great reminder for change. Summer comes, we swim, Fall comes, we sit by the fire. Winter comes, the snow begins to fall, and then Spring comes, flowers bloom and the possibilities become timeless!
Since we are now in Winter, lets think of the snow shall we? A snowflake is exceptional, no two are the same. When each flake falls you can see its tiny imprint, its shape, its beautiful curvature and design. Mind you, snowflakes can be made into mountains, be part of major storms, and can blur the vision of a tumultuous sea. How cold it can be when it touches your hand, such a tiny miracle with great purpose.
YOUR grid, YOUR design, YOUR purpose, is already unwinding through the lengths of time as I write, including my own! I embrace the Seasons, I’ve reconciled with change. And I hold out my hands for snowflakes to fall into, they remind me of my unique character, with its purposeful force within it.