Just a few words can soothe




We can sit and think and deliberate a promise of whats true,
Decide to believe we all have wings, but flight still needs the room
To spread your wings and feel their span,
With Heart and Soul entwined,
And then we feel an unjust word, and this known flight has lied,
Twas only there to make you think your Spirit was to soar,
And all who love and cherish you, to watch you leave the floor
They hide their chains behind their backs,
And wait until you’ve turned,
And all the moments sweet and shared,
Are now your memories burned,
They take the trust that you have built,
Not one but all together,
With every thought and every word,
Begin to burn your feathers
And just when Life has seemed to breathe its final breath Goodbye,
Your Beauty rises from the Ash, without their hands to fly.
He’s given you a Soul thats free,
A heart thats shared as Whole,
And whispers sweet into your ear and gives you wind to hold.
So never mind a human’s peace, its as flippant a tear
The Phoenix rose up from the Ash,
With a Hand that holds it Dear.