Become the Change You Desire

I know for many years that I have caused great heartache, I was undependable and lived to die rather than live to be. It’s taken many years, a lot of time and prayer, and desire to be close to my Father and seek what His heart desire is for me. To do that, I have had to seek forgiveness and embrace my flaws. Knowing that there is a place of temptation waiting for me to give into the weakness that steers humanity. And I know I am imperfect, and I have caused much turmoil, but I can also say that I have changed, I love to live and seek all of the things that my Spirit needs to learn and grow so that I may help others who have been lost and in pain. Give meaning to those who have felt emptiness, and a light for a dark road on their Journey. But I need to be encouraged as well, accepted as a person anew and a far cry from the girl who caged her own Spirit. I love all of my family, I am your friend, your sister, your daughter, your aunt, your Mother and your wife. I just ask for all of you to give me the freedom from the cage I used to lock myself in, and your Belief in watching me while I fly. And for my mistakes, I am asking for the Grace to understand and forgive my faults , and know they have become new lessons for me to behold. Xo


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