A Mother’s Heart

Times have changed, there are moments when I ponder if it’s the convenience of recognizing this because of unending sources of technology, or is it as simple as it sounds. In stating this, it has been within a very recent situation, that time is a very flexible word and point for a beginning of any type of transition. 7 years ago I had my Son and my heart grew a thousand sizes, and unconditional was no longer a word but my battle cry. 5 years ago I began to grow wings, as I had my daughter and the awareness that I could fall in love with two different children, with the same amount of passion and awe for their individual Spirits. I stopped believing I could, and just did. They have never had a limitation in my heart, there could never be a cost too great, just so I could make sure that I see them smile. And although I may become quite unpopular in their eyes, I’m convicted, that one day, they will only be able to see that I have loved them enough to know, that they couldn’t decide until they, without compromise, could love themselves.

But I am only one parent, they still have another.

It truly is a modern-day fairytale, when a home consists of two loving and communicative adults, where they respect one another and are a united front for their Family, through and through. It is almost a modern-day commodity, that we often witness a split Family situation, where children are trying to be sold the idea of 2 Christmases, birthday’s, Easter’s and Thanksgiving. And sadly, in most cases, when their children are out of sight, the opposing parents have their gloves out, trying to reinforce what is right or wrong, without natural order and understanding helping to guide the way. Many times a 3rd party will come in, and instead of supporting a healthy, open and loving co-parenting situation, they combust from their insecurities and begin to maim their partner for their own desires.

Leaving the children gasping for nurturing care.

In my own situation, there has never been a price tag on my children, that could perhaps sway my decisions one way or another. Nothing could take place of their deserved happiness and comfort. Not only do I encourage them to be truthful and direct, I also encourage them to love and respect their Father and his chosen partner and family included. There have been times when information has been passed on to me that has definitely overridden my belief system, and left standing, feeling defensive. Instead, upon the reception of these unwanted pieces of knowledge in opposite fashion, it caused me to weep, love my children more, and to reinforce that each individual in the World is different, and that the only thing that will let you see the difference is your uncompromising heart and ability to practise unconditional love with set personal boundaries.

As of late I have been focusing on my parental lessons to my children:) Spite has been in my heart, and the sound of injustice reverberating in the air. I have wanted to react-but have stopped myself. You see, if I react, it will only reproduce more ammunition to be loaded into to this cannon of subterfuge created by the other party. The only way that I have come to know a positive action that can only produce emotional productivity, is to teach my children to express themselves in Truth, if they are to fight, they fight for equality and Justice, and if they are silent, to be silent in the arms of Who has Created them to be the brilliant light and Hope for the future to embrace.

I believe it will always hurt, as no one would want to argue about their children as we should always be arguing for their positive vitality. I know in my deepest conviction, that it is more important to focus on their positive stability and growth, and that the worry I have watching them be personified by a dollar sign, will never add stress, because they are too busy changing the World around them.

Love your children today, and every second of every moment that passes, they truly are our greatest Gifts to a progressive future.


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