You can actually change the World

I remember as a young child I literally thought I could fly. I was 5 at the time when I believed that I received an incredible epiphany that would prove to the ‘naysayers’ of the World, that Human flight WAS possible, and without any aid but personal Faith. We lived down the road from my Grandfather, and he had steps leading up to his front door. I realized that each time I moved up a step, I was suspended in air, even if it was just by a sliver longer! I cannot recall the exact amount of steps, but minute, I think 4 tops, and to an adult they could be climbed in 2 hops but to a child-well-they were each their own personal galaxy that belonged to the Universe below.

I did hurt myself, but I saw it as a souvenir and a reminder of what I believed I was accomplishing. The greatest part, is that I had never really shared this Supernatural Gift and Discovery I had made, because I wasn’t afraid that the adults around wouldn’t believe in me, I didn’t tell them because I felt it was too impossible for them to believe.

I grew older, learned a bit about the force of gravity, ┬ánot a lot, but just enough to have a new realization dawn upon me, up to that point in my Life, I really did not fly. Even today, I still have that spark of amazement that, somehow, we as humans can fly,…I still haven’t figured it out yet. Rather than cry and feel as though I had been living in a self made facade of impossible fantasies, I laughed at myself, giggled at my reasoning for not telling adults. The sub-conscious reality broke through, and I knew they would have explained why my Theory was impossible, very creative and whimsicle!…but, impossible.

And then I grew some more, my emotions became dark, and rather than shooting for the stars, I was desparately trying to find a way to spiral downward. I wanted to take myself away from a World that would not allow a person to not only believe in their Dreams, but that they wanted to make your Dreams part of an institution that would decide your Fate based on your social acceptance, academic ability, your materialistic portfolio, and your physical beauty and ‘normalcy’. This may sound dramatic, but at the time, so were my hormones, and was finding it a major disability to place myself where I belonged.

It was then that it became so evident and apparent, it wasn’t unrealistic or even arguable, I belonged with Me. With this realization I didn’t have to be right anymore, because being wrong no longer meant ‘less than’, instead uninformed. I turned my ignorance and frustration into passion for understanding, to have compassion for anything lost, and acceptance for everything found. Acceptance for the Truth of my new awareness, and Humility to know the difference between my Ego and my Being.

With a welling of Self-Love, unconditional Love for all of those around me, and the Divine Blessing of Intended Peace, I realized that once more I could fly again. I have no age, I haven’t any strongholds, my sins are no longer my limitations but challenges to become more pure. By choosing to allow my transgressions to fall and my perception become anew, I came back to Flight from fight, and it was in this simple choice, it really did change my World.

If you want the World to change because you can’t see anything promising in it, look into the mirror and not at your reflection. Look into your eyes, and see what chaos is in your Soul, know enough that you were born to be free from it, and choose to allow yourself the chance at one day taking your very own flight.