A Stranger’s heart cannot sell My Soul

My beginning, running in with the horses, many new friends and even more faces, learning a handshake, how to get kicked, how to avoid getting kicked, breaking in a Horse, and the Horse equally breaking me, working hard, fertilizer burgers, jumping off the beam, the broken down barn, dirtbikes, beaten up trucks, the white shark (Fran Brethour), watermelon, swiss chalet chicken, 2am horses are out calls, becoming more than a girl and always finding my voice.

A man, who we chose partnership with a few years ago, a %51 to %49 split, has decided that all of these memories, movements, emotional growth, falling in love with an animal that still holds untouchable wisdom and Divine magic, learning understanding and difference with the diverse customers that would come to ride which gave them courage, excitement and the ability to overcome fear, has decided that a just a few of these things that I have mentioned, is worth nothing more than an amount that cannot even line a pocket to ease personal angst.

One thing that I have learned is that there is no cost that could come even close to amount to the riches and eternal knowledge that has given me the ability to love who I am because of who I was and everything in between that occured that bestowed the Grace upon me to grow.

So Sir, without naming you as I don’t believe you deserve one, I cannot direct a comment to an entity without a heart, and it is in the Heart that you gain the Courage, Love and Truth to walk in your given name. You can sell this beautiful land that has given the World a place to be oneself, and if not find oneself, but while transaction takes place, and the memories with the land will stay with it, the Power of each person’s heart who found confident, a confidente, an ability to laugh, and a healing hold when the cry- these are the things that will carry on, the Legacy is not in the Location, it is in the Flight your Soul has gained by choosing to challenge oneself, Love oneself and Grow. So to everyone who has ever visited the Ranch and had laughter brought to your lips, confidence in being a cowboy, and the peace of mind and Soul because the end of the day is wholly good, this is my Legacy I can share with you all.

Love for all time,


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