Moving Forward

Facebook reminded me of a post I made some time ago, and I want to share it as my blog this morning because the physical world is something we have to live in, and sometimes struggle with on a daily basis. And even if it isn’t a struggle, are you gaining insight for your Divine Purpose, and unconditional awareness and love for others, every moment possible?

This has challenged me this morning to recognize where I need to give in, and decide to give up, so that I can move ahead, and live my Life with it’s Chosen meaning. Happy hump day!

Anything that is disconcerting or causing you confusion, leaving you in a place of Self doubt and emotional loss, remember your Truth. Your actions and intentions will prevail you, and this is most important for personal reflection. Your Spirit is liberated through It’s ability to walk in a transparent existence. An existence where accountability holds no shame or self condemnation, and this isn’t because you are perfect.

This reality can only be achieved by recognizing our imperfections and choosing to learn, release and apply our new perception to our every day environment.We will always be surrounded by one another, even if we were to move to a deserted Island with the Ocean and stars as our only companions, we would still be affected by the people we once knew, the World we once lived in.

So strive to know the difference between personal interaction and the judgement of the ignoramus. It is only the individuals who will choose to seek their own Soul, and share their entirety that will be able to see the Splendor and Beauty of the Light that shines so Deep and Pure inside of the Creation and Essence of You.

We can only be in one place or the other, and our motivations and desires will align us to the level of human intimacy that we truly seek.

Share it, don’t spare it 😉