The Longest 2 Weeks of My Life

This title could account for so many different things for a multitude of people, but for me this is the first two weeks in my adult Life that I will be away from my children consecultively.I found myself lucky when I began sharing time with their Father, as he never seemed to extend his scheduled time with his vacation time. I would always have the Joy and Luxury of having my sidekicks right beside me ,until it was visiting time again. As a parent it would be selfish of me to constantly have them without the visitation to their Father’s, and whomever he chooses to call as Family. And each time my heart will stop for a moment if their excitement causes them to forget to say goodbye, or their sendoff is anything but heartfelt. And then I remind myself that their Father love’s and misses them too.

Gratefully I took a short course that reminded me of the simplicity in a childs joy, from having a toy at the other parents home that isn’t at my own, or that supper may be more palatable than the necessary protein, veggies, carbs and dairy that I am forever trying to balance.

This blog is short, not because it is too complicated, but because there aren’t words to describe how much I love and miss my little ones. You see, they have changed my Life, the grass IS greener, the Sun is Magnificent, and for my daughter, you don’t step on ants, you watch how they’re working, and each one of them deserves its own name. The wind is refreshing and the swings are Earth’s greatest thrill, and for my son, the last dime in your pocket should go to those who haven’t a penny left to believe in.

I miss you Ny and Ryds, have fun at Daddy’s, and Mommy’s arms are already open, waiting for the moment I see those beautiful smiles. And I need you both to always know-that your Life has given me the inspiration to become everything I can possibly be and more-just so you’re proud to call me your Mom.




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