A Child’s Point of View

Its an interesting title, reading it, one wouldn’t be sure of the direction that the article could take, so let me drop the mystery and jump right in. Any parent has to know that they aren’t perfect, but we should always do our best to guide and nurture and instill positive and optimistic perception to our children that are to lead the future. Those little ears and little eyes are much greater in absorption that we give them credit for, and if you question that, think back to when you were ‘ knee high to a grasshopper’.

I personally grew up with a variation of messages, this is because of a split Family situation where there wasn’t much communication between my parents after they had separated. My Mom always wanted us to be focused and believe in who we are, and my Dad always wanted us to believe that limitation is a word for people who are stuck on the physical. With my Mother being our main supporter and our Father being our beloved Jekyll and Hyde, we had learned at a young age why diversity in Life is a natural progression in change. The only thing that could or would keep you on any type of plateau is yourself.

You see, I believe that my Faith can move Mountains, I belive that if I recognize a void in my Life, that personal hard work and self-love can help me heal. I believe that communication is essential for growth and understanding, even to just obtain a meeting of the minds or even agree to disagree. And in every area, I am open to correction and excited to implement change. One of the Greatest things that my parents and Faith has given me is the ability to reject fear.

Fear is an entity within itself that needs the focus and obsession to feed its purpose and create its importance strength.

Fear to remain in the same space you are loathing or insecure in, rather than fear a place you are running towards, rather than convincing yourself you are running from. To be sure of the difference between the two? Tie up your loose ends before leaving so that there is nothing to punish yourself over in your thoughts, where nobody else can help encourage and support you.

All of these things I have written about, I  have tried to implement to my children, we are a split Family and I share them with their Father, but I have Faith that my two Angels will embrace the things that only my Spirit can teach them, and function in Grace, Understanding and Unconditional Love.

Although I was only a child, and had some intense occurrences, my Mother instilled that the best person for me to emulate or believe in was me, and my Father taught me that any limitation that seemed to be disengaging me from my Journey, was only a thought away from becoming a help aide.

Not only our are children the future, more importantly they are our present. Embrace who they are and celebrate their Life. Over-involve yourself with discussions, playing cards, going for walks  and dancing in your livingroom. You never know, one of these actions can help take away an adults guilt that would contradict that they have done nothing right.