‘A Swiftly Tilting Planet’

Although the title of this blog is from one of my favorite books as a child, there was no other title more suitable to describe my following blog. Change can be beautiful as well as transformational, but if we haven’t a clue of the Pillar inside, change can be taken as something to fear and not a tool for growth. Each and every one of us have to choose to see the World as it really is so that we can be a role model and stronghold for our children.

With such devastation I have been watching documentaries about Heroin addiction, a tsunami of toxcicity that flows through the veins of any and every person that doesn’t say ‘ No ‘, even if its just once. It only takes one taste that you allow into your body to grip you in its severity- as our bodies have a threshhold, but the drug will never hold any prejudice, opinon, judgement or complaint to its next consumer or victim. And  always different from the first experience, the next time you’ll want more. I have been watching a series of programs that are from different Countries, social groups and fiscal classes, ages, cultures and ideologies, and with opiates, death seems to be imminent.
In North America there are children being given opiate based pills at the age of 9, that can begin a Journey of pain, suffering and despair. In other Countries children reguarly and openly use Heroin on a daily basis. Born into poverty, they don’t believe that Life can be any different and begin medicating at the age of 8.
We are in fast times, emotional and impulse decisions are leading today’s younger generation and if we don’t allow them to be who they are, and negate to teach them of self-love and awareness of others, this already astounding epidemic will seize our children’s very vitality.
In my generation, we had the ‘ just say no to drugs’ campaign, I remember the point of why I should say no,  but my reasoning for not involving myself with substance was based on who I knew I was to be, and the lifestyle I DIDN’T want to Live.I am astounded to see what a chemical can do to the mind, and the false sense of Promise that it will bring.
We need to teach our children to ‘ Say No ‘, but most importantly they need to know why. You have to tell them that they won’t want to play at the park, and that they would choose crying over laughing. As their parents we need to cultivate and nurture their individuality, so that when they are faced with a decision that could alter their Lives, the very simplicity of knowing and loving who they are,  were born to be, will protect them from a choice that WOULD take them away from their friends, heir Loved ones and themselves.
Knowledge is power, and ignorance is selective. Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually, we have to choose at each fork in the road.Love your children enough not to choose for them, but reinforce their individuality and personal awareness, so that they will choose what is healthy for them , and we will begin to empower a younger generation for a brighter future.