No Such Thing As Little Things

I haven’t perfected Life, and for that I am grateful. The more you think that you may have perfected, the less you can learn about what’s to come, and the fact that we have been given free will to progress forward throughout this Journey, is our given Grace and Understanding that there may be a few unplanned stops along the way.

I work in a Spiritual field, as well, I am a practicing Life Coach. In my first field, I seek information from a Divine place as well as from my Spirit Guides and other’s Guides, to gain information that can progress my client’s understanding and need for Clarity. I recently had an extremely humbling and enlightening experience while beginning a session with an individual, which ended up being a test to see if I would stick to the Truth of my beliefs as well as not compromising the need that I was to portray to their unhappiness, and not to my favor.

Individual’s in my field have MANY different ways to connect to the Spiritual side in Life, not one way is more than right than the other, as long as your Advisor seeks from the Divine and of Light, you’re bound to leave a happy customer! On this day, I learned what was the most important thing in the Human Spirit, and as much as my Humanity was screaming to just satisfy the individual, my Heart became too heavy to mislead any one person in their Journey.

It isn’t a coincidence that there is a Spiritual Trinity that aligns in our physical environment that we all have a Past, Present and Future. Every single thing we experience in our Lives is an ESSENTIAL lesson, our Past must be resolved with our Present so that we can embrace and own our Future! If our Past is unresolved, our Present will be unsettled as well, it will not be the reality you believe you live in. Many times, with individuals who have not resolved their past, who function in layered walls and distorted reflections in their Present, will often go to people who work in Spiritual Fields to tell them something wonderful or hopeful about their future. The sad part about this, is that an unsettled Spirit will never be able to feel TRUE Peace, until the entirety of our Being has accepted, forgiven and embraced each and every moment we have breathed, so that it allows room for more to come.

This is what I realized that I have to stand by, because a person’s sordid pass will not give them Hope for a better future because there is no better future, there is just another event to wait and see if it will happen and go well in its entirety.

When you go to see a Spiritual Advisor, or a Physic or a Medium. Someone who reads cards or tealeaves, energy from a person’s belonging, please know, the clarity of the message will be lost if there has been no resolve and embrace of the Life and the Spirit that you have been given. Regardless of the hand dealt or the players at the table, YOU choose to play YOUR game, and it is these very choices that will aim you for bane or flight.

There is a future for all of us but we have to understand that we were born worthy of having one, and it is such a Joy to be part of the true reveal.


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