Walking in Your Shoes

There may be another way but sometimes only one way is believed to be the obvious route to one’s existence. Every single day we walk down our road stumbling over the pebbles while looking at another’s road, and the places that their boulders must have existed. The greatest irony being, that we have in fact, been lost in memory and recalling yesterday’s experiences. Our arrogance claims it must be another’s path because it seems too crumbled and jagged.
To relieve some anxiety to your day, or perhaps help to turn a light on, the terrain and jagged edges, the height of the mountains and sometimes, low depths of the valleys are necessary. Beauty is never one dimensional and when its Divine, it can never Humanly be understood. So pick up a rock and skip it into the water, it now becomes an object that once was stumbled over, and now one that brings you Joy and Hope with each ripple in the water.